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Farm Girl Soap Co. is a small, family-owned business dedicated to creating the highest quality farmstead soap and skin care products.


Farm Girl Soap is handcrafted in small batches, right here on my little California farm. It’s full of skin-loving natural ingredients — pure moisturizing olive and coconut oils, enriching sweet almond oil and shea butter. And, of course, plenty of fresh goat’s milk, from my healthy and happy herd of dairy goats.

Rustic, natural, and beautiful, Farm Girl Soap is sure to be the best soap you’ve ever used.

It’s soap you can feel good about!

NEW! Introducing… DIY Skin Care Kits

Wanting to make your own handcrafted gifts or personal skin care products? Farm Girl Soap Co. DIY Skin Care Kits are just what you need to get started!

I can’t be more excited to offer you the first in my “make-your-own-skin-care” line…

DIY Handmade Lotion Kit

Are you ready to try your hand at crafting your own natural skin care products?

Grab a kit and you’ll be making your own handmade lotion in no time. The most awesome thing is, you won’t need to buy anything else and you won’t end up with way more ingredients than you need. Super simple!

You can also give the kit itself as a gift to your crafty friend. She’ll love it!

This kit has everything you need to make 4 (4 oz.) jars of lotion. You get the oils and butters, emulsifying wax, preservative, essential oil of your choice, thermometer and the jars to package your finished lotion in. Your kit comes with instructions and one of my absolute favorite lotion recipes (created by me).

Want to check out your options? Here they are:

farm-girl-angela-palmer-diy-handmade-lotion-kit-lavendar-2Lavender DIY Lotion Kit – Lavender is an old favorite! Great for making a relaxing, soothing lotion.

Sweet Orange DIY Lotion Kit – Super popular fragrance. Sweet orange makes a bright, energizing lotion.

Peppermint DIY Lotion Kit – This special essential oil distillation smells just like candy canes.

Fragrance-Free DIY Lotion Kit – For those of you who don’t like scented products. Or for those who have all the essential oils and fragrance oils they need.

The Ultimate DIY Lotion Kit – Can’t decide? This is the kit for you! It contains all three essential oils (lavender, sweet orange, and peppermint) as well as enough ingredients to make 6 (4 oz.) jars of lotion. Make your own custom fragrance blends.

Perfect for beginners as well as experienced handcrafters, these lotion kits come with everything you need – along with easy-to-follow recipes and instructions. You’ll love the products you craft, and they’ll be super good for your skin too because they’re natural.

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