About Angela


Handmade skin care products have always intrigued me.  It started as teenager, when I experimented with homemade facial masks made from whatever I found in the kitchen.

Later, I decided to branch out and try my hand at handmade soap.  I still remember that first soap bar I made — man, was I proud!  So proud, in fact, that I made dozens more and handed them out to friends and family.

From then on, I was hooked.  If I could make all-natural soap, what other skin and bath products could I make with natural ingredients?

Since then, I have made every skin care, cosmetic and bath product imaginable.  Truly, it’s an obsession.  I grow my own herbs and flowers specifically to add to my skin care creations.

In 2000, I headed back to school to become an esthetician.  I attended Federico College (Sacramento), and did both undergraduate and postgraduate studies with the International Dermal Institute (San Francisco).

What I learned about product formulations helps me craft skin care treatments that are professional quality, with an emphasis on natural ingredients.

I just couldn’t keep this info to myself… So, I started Farm Girl Skin Care to teach others how to make natural skin care, bath and beauty products, with farm fresh ingredients.

Now, I’m teaching handmade skin care classes at colleges throughout Northern California, and hosting private workshops for over a decade and having a blast!

I also teach holistic skin care classes for CalWorks (California’s welfare-to-work program) recipients through the Wellness WORKs! program, and work as the editor for About.com’s Acne Site.

There are so many benefits to making your own skin care products: you have complete control over the ingredients, you can customize them to your skin type, and you can save yourself some money too.  Plus, it’s is just plain fun (your handmade products make awesome gifts too.)

I love handmade skin care, and I hope you will too!

Angela Palmer, Farm Girl

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